Visitors Guide E

Eating Out

There is a variety of cuisine (Chinese, Japanese, Italian, European and Samoan) to choose from in cafes, snack bars and restaurants. See Restaurants for more details.


Electricity is 240 volt with 3 prong angular plugs (same as Australia and New Zealand).


The Australian High Commission is next to the Rainforest Café on Beach Road in Apia – phone 23 411. The New Zealand High Commission is close by (opposite the John Williams Memorial) – phone 21 711. The US Embassy number is 21 631 and the British representative 21 758. Other countries represented are Netherlands (Ph 24 337), Sweden (ph 20 346), Germany (Ph 22 634) and China (Ph 22 474).

Emergency Services

The numbers for emergency services are:

  • Police 995 (or 22 222)
  • Ambulance 999
  • Hospital 996
  • Fire 994


See Bars, Cinema, Dance and Night Life.

Entry Requirements

Visitors require a return (or onward) ticket and six months validity on passports and don’t need a visa for stays up to 30 days (apart from Chinese nationals).

Exchange Rates

All major foreign currencies are exchangeable for tala in Samoa. At time of writing the Australian dollar was buying around 1.9 tala, the NZ dollar about 1.8 tala and the US dollar 2.5 tala. For currency conversion, click here.


They say in Vanuatu expatriates are there as Missionaries, Mercenaries or Misfits. Not sure if this applies in Samoa, but what a great place to live!

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