Visitors Guide J

Jane’s Beach Fales

Jane’s is next to Tanu Beach Fales in Manase village. The 12 fales have a small balcony with chairs, mosquito net over the bed, lockable doors and toilet facilities are shared. Cost is $70 (Samoan) per person per night and that includes breakfast and dinner.


Unlike Tropical North Queensland, there are no ‘stingers’ or box jellyfish that are particularly nasty. If you come across jellyfish, just enjoy the graceful movement coming from something so primitive and, well, basic. I believe it only has one orifice for all bodily functions, they reproduce asexually and there’s not much room for a brain. You’ll be lucky to spot one though as they only arrive if a storm blows them over the reef – and they die quickly because the lagoon water is too warm for them. They say that the best way to treat a jellyfish sting is to apply alcohol or urine, which is waste either way you go.


Just like hangovers, there’s no miracle cure for jetlag, but there are ways to reduce its effect. When flying, go easy on the alcohol. Alcohol (and tea and coffee) dehydrates the body so, when on board, it’s best to drink lots of water or juice. Drink lots of water after arriving, too. One tactic in fighting jetlag is to start adjusting your body clock before you leave, by moving your eating and sleeping times towards those of your destination. Most people travelling to Samoa won’t experience jetlag because the flight isn’t ‘long haul’ and the time zone is only a few hours tweaking.

Jet Skis

Yes, these motorbikes of the sea are fun to ride but they are visual and aural pollution for those nearby wanting to just sit and enjoy nature. You can hire one at the Sheraton Aggie Grey’s Resort.


It’s a great way to start the day and you can join other joggers early morning along the seawall that rings the harbour from Sheraton Aggie Grey’s Hotel to Mulinu’u. Be aware of traffic and sly-looking dogs (pretend to pick up a stone and they’ll retreat appropriately). The track at Apia Park is open 7:00am to 7:00pm.

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