Visitors Guide Q


Q-words can be hard to find for A to Z guides, especially when there’s no ‘Q’ in the Samoan alphabet and Qantas doesn’t fly to Samoa. However, ‘quarantine’ is an important ‘Q’ word. Do not take any foodstuff into Samoa (including any snacks you may have purchased/been given in flight). The in-flight crew will appreciate it if you choose to dump in the airport bin provided because it is their job to clean the plane for the next lot of outbound passengers. Incidentally, in Vanuatu I once saw a tall, loud Australian woman insisting that she be allowed to keep the sandwiches she had made that morning for the family. Permission was granted because of her bullying nature. Believe me, Samoans are not as shy as the ni-Vanuatu. The woman above would not have been granted entry into Samoa until she complied.

Queen Elizabeth

“What’s she doing here?” you ask… Samoa was a German colony! Well, in the foyer of Aggie Grey’s Hotel in Apia you will find a framed document, signed by Her Majesty, awarding Aggie a Royal Gong for services to the community. Nearby you will find a framed photo of the Queen’s son, Andrew, Duke of York, entering Aggie’s… it adds to the colonial feel of the place.

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