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Tropical ulcers can be extremely nasty and happen very quickly – just a reminder not to treat coral cuts lightly as well as treating them with hydrogen peroxide.


Uku is the Samoan word for head lice. It is quite common in villages and spreads like, well, head lice. If you become infected local pharmacists are used to dealing with the problem.


Cumbersome to pack but can be welcome in a tropical downpour. Resorts usually have a fair selection to choose from so you may want to borrow one if the sky is looking a little dark. Having said that, it can pour with rain (liquid sunshine) and be fine again in minutes so it may be better handled by just finding shelter for a short time. I’ve heard that bars can be good for this.


Umu is an earth oven traditionally used for cooking Samoan food. A fire is made and stones are placed on the embers. The meal (fish, pork, chicken, taro, bananas etc) is placed on the stones and covered with banana fronds. The food is cooked slowly and gently.


Although about half the size of Savai’i, Upolu is the ‘main’ island. Apia is located here and international visitors will land at Faleolo International Airport some 35km from the city.

UV Cream

Don’t leave home without it! Another reminder that the tropical sun is powerful and that prevention is better than a ruined vacation. Even under the highest SP Factor you will still probably go home with a tan.


  • uma: finished
  • uta: inland

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