Visitors Guide X


Christmas in Samoan is Kerisimasi and, being a deeply religious country, this is a special time of year… lots of church going and lots of public holidays. Flights are pretty much full with Samoans living overseas returning home to see family and friends and resorts pretty much nowhere near full because tourists can’t get a seat on the plane. Merry Christmas – Ia Manuia Le Kerisimasi Ma Le Tausaga Fou


Pornography of any kind (video/magazine etc) is not tolerated in Samoan society and what we think may be tame could be offensive there – so don’t even take a Sports Illustrated magazine for light reading on the plane.


The hospital in Apia is equipped to perform X-Rays but expect a long wait. The emergency phone number for the hospital is 996 and for an ambulance 999.

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